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The Chronicles of an Incomplete Character

I told her that our time is fleeting but she turned to me with a fearless smile -her eyes ablaze with  newfound courage and whispered "As am I."
The lights flickered  from behind her bloodshot eyes.
-Always calculating
Lost within the confines of her own mind she waits  for someone  anyone to look beyond the looking glass to pull her from the dark depths that encircle each thought each moment
She told herself  she was brave  she was all-knowing but what was the point of knowing if it only ended in her own demise?
She takes a breath Exhales Swallows
And so it begins. And so it shall  all end. 
The tension in the air lingered longer this time than the last.
New beginnings often bring  painful ends. 
But, if you could just hear me for one moment, the book was never closed.  The chapter never complete.
We sit as unfinished characters in a flawed tale.
If you could please just hear me for one moment.
I don't think she can though. Her blank stare  and damp palms
I know you are …
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On Moving On

You would think that with great change
would come great pain

Assimilate or die

But as I look at the mountains in the distance
and the sun setting behind them
I cannot help but feel a relief
deep within my bones
a freedom
that I have not felt
in much too long.

There is a guilt
of course
but the air is light
and the sky is clear

I suppose you wouldn't understand
but the desert is calling me

-I am here
and for once
I feel fine
just fine.

And I want to keep it
that way.
He was everything  I ever needed more than I had wanted and filled my skies with shades of reds and blues that I never thought  myself worthy of. 
And one day He became  my home.


A stillness fills this quiet home
but outside the wind rips
the world apart.

We stay
in fear
that the wind
will take us
-that the outside
will hurt us.

I want to say
that I am not

but Lord knows
I would be a liar
if I did.

I am terrified
from the looks of you
you are too.

And I think that is
Just, okay.

It's not perfect.
It's not great.

But if the choices are
to sink or swim,
I'd gladly choose
to float along
until the current
pulls me under
that the sink
without purpose.